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Town of Xcalak

Is the southernmost town on the Mexican side of the Mexico-Belize border

Town Of Xcalak (A day in the life)

The town of Xcalak, where The Flying Cloud is located, is the southernmost town on the Mexican side of the Mexico-Belize border, just a few short kilometers from the border; at the end of the road.

Places on the frontier have a certain magnetism. People who inhabit and visit these places are, for the most part, outliers seeking respite from the rat race, weather for one day, one week or one decade.

They most-often share a certain self-reliance and common interests that are the basis for life-long friendships made seaside over after-diving beers while engaging in meaningful conversations with people from half-way around the world or from up the block.

Xcalak is the antithesis of massive, all-inclusive resorts where the experience is designed to keep people´s Monkey Minds engaged 24/7 in a sanitized, segregated and isolated environment, a playground.

Upon a first impression, it would be possible to dismiss Xcalak as a sleepy fishing town where not much happens. However, if one puts in a bit of effort, takes a bike ride into town and strikes up a conversation with one of Xcalak´s many bilingual residents (many Xcalakans have Belizean heritage) it doesn´t take long to realize that it is in fact rich with history and tradition.

Xcalak is, in fact, the oldest coastal settlement on the Mexican Caribbean coast. At over 100 years old, it was once a bustling trade post with the first power plant in the region and an ice-factory. With every anecdote and story the place´s surreal qualities quickly fascinate anyone with a curious spirit; this is why for decades Xcalak has enjoyed loyal, returning visitors, that have found a home away from home.

Currently home to roughly 300 people (depending on if you count the 50 or so mostly American ex-pats who come to Xcalak during the winter), the main economic activities in Xcalak are commercial fishing and low-impact eco-tourism; with a few scattered shops and restaurants that open and close seasonally. When you visit the Flying Cloud, we will happily provide you with an updated guide to town.

A standout attraction is definitely http://www.leakypalaparestaurant.com/ ; owned and run by Linda (hostess) and Marla (chef), a Canadian couple who open this gem of a restaurant seasonally during the winter time. If you happen to be in town when they are open it is a must-go attraction.

From their website:

“Our restaurant combines gourmet cuisine and friendly service in a tropical garden setting. We work to achieve the perfect balance between fine dining and the casual charm of the Mexican Caribbean. We create a tapestry of flavor, aroma, color, sound and hospitality “

Xcalak is an unbeatable destination for those looking to get away, disconnect from the daily hustle and re-connect with themselves and nature in a remote, pristine environment

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