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A 25-year old house

“The greenest building is the one already standing”

The Flying Cloud is a re-purposed 25-year old house. Like Carl Elefante said; “The greenest building is the one already standing”. He pointed out how well old buildings can work, if we listen to their lessons.

The Flying Cloud got its name from its original owner, Dr. Ted Dake of Texas who who fought with the US Air Force in the Korean war, was later a test pilot with the Air Force and is now a retired psychiatrist living in Texas. Built originally as a vacation home it was not hard to convert the building into a hotel.

The Flying Cloud is a three-story building that features a top-floor suite, a two-bedroom apartment in the middle floor and two rooms on the ground floor.

Explore Our Rooms

When you stay at the Flying Cloud you can enjoy made-to-order meals, drinks (including beach service), as well as movies, barbeques and special events at our on-site restatarunt The Coral Bar& Grill

The top-floor suite
The middle-floor apartment
Playa (Beach)
Selva (Jungle)

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